Overview – ” Excellence in Mining ”

       Wahab Group of Companies, a name associated with diversified business in Karnataka. Mining industry business being their main-fold business, they follow the high quality systematic and scientific standards to protect the environment and conserve nature. They continuously strive to improve landscaping by planting and nurturing trees and thus adhere to the eco-friendly and sustainable mining methods.

       The journey continues to Real estate industry with Wahab Group of companies venturing into the Real Estate market.  We have a number of distinguished properties to our credit that we would further diversify into Commercial Projects, Residential Projects, SEZ Projects and Hospital Sectors in and around Karnataka.

     Wahab Group believes in giving back to the society and has consciously  embraced itself with the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). Wahab Group has formed a Foundation by the name of Hothur Foundation aimed at addressing and uplifting of the economically backward by providing for basic amenities including quality educations, medical aid, maternity guidance, counseling, matrimonial aid for girls as well contribution to infrastructural growth through roads, education centers and bus shelters etc.

     Wahab Group’s strength is in its motivated team, well qualified and experienced professionals of the Mining and Natural resources industry. Wahab Group has Technical Panel managed by Directors with backgrounds in Management, Engineering and Marketing. Our Project Managers are responsible for overall Co-ordination and Quality Control. They also participate in weekly discussions organized by the management. Wahab Group team of professionals are committed, and dedicated to the highest quality standards pre-requisites, to assure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

       “Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of Wahab Group, ever since its inception. The businesses in the different sector have refined themselves in various facets of life.  All the partners and the members of the Group are working towards Realization of a  vision”.

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