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Our Chairmain Profile:


  • Served in various capacities for over 25 years in Hospet/Bellary Taluks to AICC Level, New Delhi.
  • Served as President, Bellary District Congress Committee from 2006 to 2008.
  • Elected as Member to Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee during 1994 from Hospet and elected continuously during 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006 and 2009 and 2012 elected as member, All India Congress Committee New Delhi during 2009 to 2012.
  • Served as Secretary, K.P.C.C., Bangalore from 1998 to 2001.
  • Served as general Secretary (Administration), K.P.C.C. from 2001 to 2011.


  • Worked for the success of AICC President, Smt.Sonia Gandhiji in 1999 elections for Bellary Parliamentary Constituency.
  • Observer from AICC for the General Elections in Uttar Pradesh during 1999.
  • Observer from AICC for Kerala Assembly Elections during 2004.
  • Observer from AICC for Maharashtra General Elections during 2004.
  • Observer from AICC for Telengana – Andhra Pradesh General Election, 2014.


  • Security In-charge, Venue supervision for AICC Session held in Bengaluru
  • Incharge for the delegation from Haryana State during the AICC Session.


  • Chairman, Karnataka State Wakf Board (Minister of State Rank), Bengaluru.
  • Member, Karnataka State Haj Committee, Bengaluru
  • President, Rotary Club, Hosapete.
  • Vice President, Hosapete Petroleum Dealers Association.
  • President, Bellary-Hosapete Mines Owners & Suppliers Association, Hosapete.
  • President, Federation of Indian Mineral Industries, New Delhi.


  • President, Mahamta Gandhi Memoria Education Society, Hosapete
  • President, The Colonnade Apartment owners Association, Bengaluru
  • Vice President, Al-Hamid Educational Society (Engineering College), Bengaluru
  • Member, Construction Committee, the Jamiya Durgah Masjid, Hosapete
  • Member, Dr.Zakir Hussain Birth Centenary Celebrations Committee, Bengaluru.
  • Member, Organising Committee, Second National Conference Harmony, New Delhi


    Served as a President of FIMI (Federation of Indian   Minerals   Industry).    All   India representative body of the Mining and Mineral Industries   in   India.    Visited Australia as a Member   in   the   delegation  led by Central Minister of Mines.   Was  given  the Honor of Signing the Memorandum of Understanding Between the  Government  of  Australia  and India   on   behalf  of  Indian Mineral Industry during 2004.

    On the invitation of Iran during 2004 participated in International workshop on Mineral Resources & Development and presented a paper on the Role of Mining in Economic Development of the Nation: particularl reference to India.

     Recognized by the Mineral and Metal Trading Corporation Ltd. (A Govt. of India Undertaking) the  canalized  Exporters  of  iron  ore  as  the leading  dependable quality suppliers of iron ore  in  Bellary-Hosapete  Sector  for  Exports to Japan,  Korea,  Romania,   China  and  other countries.

     Recognized  as  a   dependable   and  quality  suppliers of calibrated Iron ore to Sponge Iron  Plants, viz., M/s.Sponge Iron India Limited, (A  Government. of Andhra Pradesh Undertaking), Paloncha,  M/s.Essar  Steels,  Gujrath   and  M/s.Jindal  Vijayanagar  Steel  Limited,  Post Torangallu, Bellary District.


  •    Received the “AWARD OF FIRST PRIZE IN NATIONAL SAFETY AWARD (MINES 1986)” From the Hon’ble President of India Sri R. Venkataraman at New Delhi on 5th December, 1987.
  •     Recipient of “VIJAYASHREE AWARD 1989” at the hands of Sri Subodh Kan Sahay, the Hon’ble  Union  Minister  of  State for home affairs at Bombay on 19th September, 1990.
  •     Recipient of “KARNATAKA UDYOG AWARD 1991”  at  the  hands  of  late  Sri Azeez Sait, Hon’ble Minister for Transport & Wakfs, Govt. of Karnataka on 10th April, 1991 at Bangalore.
  •     Recipient of “PRIDE OF INDIA GOLD MEDAL  AWARD 1991”.  The award was presented by Dr.Abid Hussain, the Hon’ble Ambassador of India to U.S.A. at New York on 12th July, 1991.
  •      Recipient   of   “ MOTHER   INDIA INTERNATIONAL AWARD 1991” at the hands of Hon’ble  Sri  Shivraj  Patil,  Speaker  of Lok Sabha  at  New  Delhi   on  28th July, 1991.
  •       Recipient of CAPEXIL’S Export Award / Certificate of Merit for 2003-04 from Mr. P. Chidambaram, Hon’ble Finance Minister, Government of India on 25th November, 2004 at New Delhi.
  •      Recipient of State Level Export Award for the year of 2003-04 from Shri N. Dharam Singh, Chief Minister, Government of  Karnataka during August, 2004 at Bangalore.
  •      Recipient of CAPEXIL’S Export Award / Certificate of Merit for 2005-06 at Kolkata.
  •      Recipient of Vishveshwarayya Industrial Trade Centre, Government of Karnataka “Best Export Award – Mineral and Mineral Based products – SSI-Gold” for the year 2005-06 at Bangalore.
  •     Received the CAPEXIL’S Export Award for 2006-07 from Hon’ble Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Sri Kamalnath on 1st October, 2007 at New Delhi.
  •     Received the Golden Export Award from Government of Karnataka for the year 2006-07 on 5th February, 2009 at Bengaluru.
  •     Served as Member “India Haj Good-will Delegation 2009 to Saudi Arabia by Government of India.
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