Our Founder

WAHAB GROUP was founded in 1957 by our Late Mr. Hussain Peeran and we give our sincere thanks to his fruitful efforts.  As a villager and visionary,  Late Mr. Hussain Peeran saw a fortune in the mining industry and carried forward his dream into reality.

The significance of the name and logo of WAHAB GROUP has been conceptualized keeping in mind the importance of name WAHAB, which means to enlighten and furthermore gives the meaning of large-hearted.

MBT began its exciting journey from a small village called Hothur, in Uravakonda, State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Our founder Late Mr Hussain Peeran, was a semi literate person of humble origins who began his life as a trader in handlooms. He saw for himself a better future and always knew that he was destined for better things in life, and eventually he shifted to Bellary in 1955 to realize his dreams. He started off as a small time transporter, doing contracts for existing mines in and around Bellary – Hospet sector.

The transport operations gave him a ringside view of the Mining business, being an enterprising, hardworking individual; he quickly looked for opportunities in digging for mineral resources in patta and revenue lands. He looked around to avail Lease hold rights for mines. Thus, began the journey of Wahab Group in the mining business.

Our Founder,  Late Mr Hussain Peeran was humble, soft spoken, witty and humorous person. He recognized the importance of education and made every effort to provide good education to his children despite his humble means and facing difficult times.

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