Karnataka State is bestowed with many important minerals in India. One of the important mineral available in Karnataka is Iron Ore.  This occurs as Hematite/Magnetite.  Out of Hematite deposits in Karnataka, Bellary District is known for its rich mineral resources, the most prominent of them being iron and manganese ores. Extensive deposits of high-grade & medium grade iron ore occur in this region in several parallel and disconnected bands at a length of about 60 kms region from Hospet (North) upto Bellary (South) Region, the estimated reserves in the district is about 1500-2000 million Tonnes. Some of the principal mines functioning at Sandur, Hospet and Bellary taluk’s are Kariganur, Vysanakeri, Jambunathanahalli, Donimalai, Ramgad, Nandihalli etc.,

     Due to the cost of mining and high quality of ore export,  demand has been in the upward swing providing more scope for mining activities in this region.

     The development of infrastructure particularly in the field of transport sector connecting Bellary region to Chennai, Kakinada, Mangalore, Karwar, Goa and Vishakapatannam harbours by rail and highways also increased the export potentialities to China & Japan.

     It is more evident that these factors increase the demand for ore and increased scope of mining activities.

    At present KMMI (100% E.O.U) is exporting Iron Ore.

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