About Us

About Us

     Our journey started when, Mr. Hussain Peeran in 1957 shifted from remote village called Hothur in the state of Andra Pradesh to Hospet, Bellary belt in Karnataka.  Mr.  Peeran a visionary had seen an opportunity in mining Industry in 1960’s from a mere trading of hand looms.  He ventured in to transportation industry. He went on to create his own fleet of vehicles which worked in mining Industry.  In the early 70’s he got in to various raising contacts of mining leases, soon in mid 1970’s he acquired various mining leases. 


     The years that followed saw a transitory phase in mining. And now guided by a belief that the new millennium will throw up new challenges for the mining industry, spurring demand for newer products to suitably integrate into the global economy, Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab took over the leases acquired by Mr. Peeran his father. He is trained in Law and was all set to join the legal profession. When his father needed his services to build Business that is when Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab plunged full time into mining activities. He started off with some raising contracts and went on to acquire Lease hold rights on different mines in the Hospet –Bellary sector, the mines he acquired and developed are HT mines, KMMI (Kariganur Mineral Mining Industry), MBT mines, TM and TMC mines.  Even during those times he dreamt of setting up a steel plant. He was a pioneer in many ways; he initiated and led a 300 member strong delegation of Miners to China for a Joint Indo China conference on exploring opportunities in Minerals. This really led to the explosion of Export activities in Bellary – Hospet area, bringing immense prosperity and employment to the region.

  • He was part of the delegation to Australia, led by Minster for Mines, Govt., of India.
  • He was bestowed the honor of signing the MOU, Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of India and Australia.
  • He has also won several Awards for his contribution to the mining industry
  • He was the President of BHIMOSA (Bellary – Hospet Mine owners association) for more than 10 years.
  • He was a President of FIMI (Federation of Indian Mining Industries) for almost 5 years.

     In 2002 his son Mr. Hothur Shadab Wahab joined the company.   He brought in the modern method of working by restructuring the entire group.   He professionalized all the department of the firm like HR, Mining, production, marketing, purchase, sales and transportation.  He created various system and programs and mechanized the mining activities, various reporting system, quality control standards, material management, logistic connectivity were all planned by him. He also brought in technology and other modern technique that benefit mining industry.  He was instrumental into Wahab Group’s foray  into Steel making, with the commissioning of its green field Sponge Iron plan in Veniveerapura village of Bellary district with an annual installed capacity of 60,000 MT.  He has further diversified in to other business like Real estate and International trading.

His father being his role model inspiration.  He named the group after him as WAHAB GROUP”.  

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