Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab

Mr Hothur Abdul Wahab is the eldest son of our founder Late Mr Hussain Peeran. He is trained in Law and was all set to join the legal profession. When his father needed his services to build Business, that is when Mr Hothur Abdul Wahab plunged full time into mining activities. He started off with some raising contracts and went on to acquire Lease hold rights on different mines in the Hospet –Bellary sector, the mines he acquired and developed are HT mines, KMMI (Kariganur Mineral Mining Industry), MBT mines, TM and TMC mines.

Wahab Group really took off under the leadership of Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab.

Even during those times he dreamt of setting up a steel plant. He was a pioneer in many ways; he initiated and led a 300 member strong delegation of Miners to China for a Joint Indo China conference on exploring opportunities in Minerals. This really led to the explosion of Export activities in Bellary – Hospet area, bringing immense prosperity and employment to the region.

He was part of the delegation to Australia, led by Minster for Mines, Govt of India. He was bestowed the honor of signing the MOU, Memorandum of Understanding between the Governments of India and Australia. He has also won several Awards for his contribution to the mining industry. He was the President of BHIMOSA (Bellary – Hospet Mine owners association) for more than 10 years, and President of FIMI (Federation of Indian Mining Industries) for almost 5 years.

He is a politician of repute, from the congress party in the state of Karnataka, India. He has been serving as General Secretary of KPCC  (Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee) ; and  also he has served as WAKF Board Chairman, with the status of Minister of State. He was the President of Bellary District Congress Committee. He unsuccessfully contested the elections to the legislative assembly to the state of Karnataka. India.

Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab is passionate about education and has made immense contribution in the field of education, particularly for the minority Muslim community in India. He served in various capacities for different organizations working in the field of primary and professional education. It is pertinent to mention here that he has been an instrumental in establishing and running several educational institutions, offering quality education at an affordable price.

He is an accomplished Industrialist, Politician and a well known Philanthropist.

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Mr. Hothur Shadab WahabMr. Hothur Shadab Wahab is the third generation of the Hothur family and son of Mr. Hothur Abdul Wahab. Currently he has been executing his responsibilities as a Managing Director of Wahab Group. Soon after completing his Master Degree in Business Administration, he has joined the group business during 2002-03.

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