Business Divisions

Our Business Divisions

                  “With a clear accent on Eco – Consciousness we strive for Excellence in Mining”

    1. Kariganur  Mineral mining Industry

     The History of Kariganur  Mineral mining Industry (KMMI) dates back to the nineteen seventies.  Since thirty years we are proud of a tradition of producing Best Iron Ore to suit specific needs.  The expertise and skill of yester years have been handed down from generation to generation infusing quality and perfection into our products.

 KMMI is one of the leading Producers and exporters of Iron Ore to Chin, Japan, Pakistan and other countries.

    The Bellary – Hospet Sector in Karnataka State. India is blessed with reserves of high quality Iron Ore deposits to the tune of 1000 million tons which can be mined, Karignur Mines belong to the NEB Range of the Sandur  – Schist belt of Karnataka.

      The KMMI Iron Ore mine is near National Highway No.63 with nearest railway station at 6 kms.  The Ports at Chennai, Mormugao, Vishakhapatnam, Mangalore and Kakinada are well connected by road and railway network to our mines.

      KMMI  strength is mining and processing High tumbler Iron ore lumps for direct reduction process.  Iron ore fines and calibrated Iron Ore in a safe and cost effective manner.  We are the sole producer of Steel Grey  Hematite in Karnataka which has Iron content (Fe) of 68% with specific gravity as high as 4.9 and Tumbler Index of more than 90.

      KMMI  has emerged as a leading Iron Ore producer and exporter from India.  Our group has dynamic and aggressive plans for the future which will establish our group as a pioneer in the Iron ore mining industry.

     Total Reserves of our group is to the tune of 30 million tons.


               – Infrastructure for a sharp Business Cutting Edge.

      Iron and steel is indeed the core of the industries, and there is no modern civilization without it.  Steel production is the driving force for almost all Iron ore demand.  World Steel production has seen significant growth in recent years.

      With the burgeoning demand for Iron Ore and growth in the market.  KMMI opened up one more mine and started production establishing two more units Trident minerals and Trident Mining company private Ltd.

      M/s Karinganur Iron and Steel Pvt., Ltd., (KISPL) was established with its main objective of manufacturing of Iron and Steel products.  The Company is off- shoot of KMMI.   KISPL is embarking to establish a sponge iron manufacturing unit.  Also the export division of KISPL is active in export of Iron Ore.  KISPL is looking for forward integration projects using natural resources i.e. Iron Ore available in the region with suitable technology and open for such technological arrangement.

      Modern Technology has enormously magnified our ability. Our Group is always in tune with the latest technologies and has incorporated several advanced and effective procedures for mining and processing.  KMMI apart from the existing 250 TPH Ore Dressing plant with through put capacity of 1.0 million tons per annum, an additional integrated crushing and screening plant which is one of the most advance and modern and has a through  put on 0.5 million tons per annum has been established to augment total production capacity of 1.5 million tons.

      Mine management uses sophisticated communication and control systems for effective co-ordination.  KMMI has also gone ahead in an eco friendly mining approach by introducing  “ Rock Breaker”  thus avoiding secondary  blasting of rocks/ boulders with explosives .

       Systematic and Safe mining is carried out with state of the art machineries and equipment ensuring continuous and uninterrupted production with increased productivity.


Lumps 0.6 Million tons per annum
Fines 0.9 Million tons per annum
Total 1.5 Million tons per annum


     Initially our group was exporting Iron ore to Japan , China, South Korea, Pakistan and other countries trough MMTC Ltd .  With the change in economic policy program by the Indian government and relaxation of norms for direct export ,  Our Group started exporting Iron ore directly from the year 2001 – 2002 and the first shipment was carried out from the Mormugao port by ‘M.V.Anangel Express’.

       KMMI exports Iron ore from the Ports of Chennai, Mormugao, Mangaore, Kakinada and Vishakhapatnam.  Our group has grown to be one of the leading Iron Ore exporters in India.

      KMMI offers a wide range of products for both indigenous and international markets.

  1. High Grade CLO with high tumbler index of80 + for DRI process.
  2. High Grade fines for sinter and pellet plant.
  3. Medium and low grade fines for cement plants.
  4. Steel grey Hematite with specific gravity of 4.92 and suitable for high density aggregates with special application to Nuclear Power plants.


           – List of all grades of KMMI Iron Ore

KMMI High Grade Iron Ore Fines*

Chemical Analysis

Fe 65% Min
Silica 2.75% Max
Alumina 2.75% Max
Phosporous 0.06% Max
Sulphur 0.02% Max
Phisical Analysis    
+ 10mm 5%  
0 to 10 mm 95%  
-150 Micron 30%  

 KMMI Medium Grade Iron Ore Fines Fe 63/64%*

Chemical Analysis

Fe 63.50% Min
Silica 3.00% Max
Alumina 3.00% Max
Phosporous 0.06% Max
Sulphur 0.03% Max
Phisical Analysis    
+ 10mm 5%  
0 to 10 mm 95%  
-150 Micron 30%  


KMMI High Grade Calibrated Iron Ore Lumps*

Chemical Analysis

Fe 63.30% Min
Silica 2.75% Max
Alumina 2.75% Max
Phosporous 0.06% Max
Sulphur 0.02% Max
Phisical Analysis    
+ 10mm 5%  
0 to 10 mm 80%  
-150 Micron 15%  

  KMMI Medium Grade Calibrated Iron Ore Lumps*

Chemical Analysis

Fe 65% Min
Silica 2.90% Max
Alumina 2.45% Max
Phosporous 0.06% Max
Sulphur 0.02% Max
Phisical Analysis    
+ 10mm 5%  
0 to 10 mm 80%  
-150 Micron 15%  


With our cutting edge technology and expertise in mining, our international perspective and infrastructure ensures that our clients receive the best possible service from KMMI.  Our clients span both the corporate sector in diverse industries, such as steel production, manufacturing, and also public organizations including government departments.

 Some of our Prestigious Clients:

  • MMTC Ltd.
  • Noble Resources Ltd, Hongkong
  • Mitsui and Co., (Hong kong) Ltd.
  • Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Ltd.
  • Larsen and Tourbo Ltd.
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
  • Lloyds Metals and Engineers
  • Ispat Industries Ltd. (Dolvi)
  • Commodities Trading Company (Dubai)
  • Baba atomic Research Cemter (BARC- Mumbai)


     Safety of all its employees is the prime responsibility of our Group.

     Employees at all level are trained and continuously made aware of safety consciousness.  Systematic and safe Mining is carried out creating safe environment and work place.


     KMMI is the recipient of the Prestigious NATIONAL SAFETY AWARD (Mines) During the year 1987 from his Excellency Sri. R. Venkataraman, Honorable president of India.


     Our group has an excellent track record of delivering the quality products to its customers.  Thanks to its latest cutting edge technology and expertise in mining and all aspects resulting in total quality management.

      KMMI continuously measures and improves all performance parameters related to its Production, Processes and Services in order to deliver the best quality product to its customers and to make it one of the most quality oriented company in the market.  Full time quality Assayers have been appointed at KMMI Mines and the products quality is monitored right from the Mine – head to the dispatch of Ore to various destinations.  The sampling is carried out as per IS regulations.


     Environment Management is of paramount importance at our Group. Our Group’s vision extends well beyond mining.  Its responsibilities go well beyond unearthing mineral resources.  It concerns itself with the task of improvement of Industrial prosperity and the environmental balance around its projects.

      KMMI has always tried to maintain the nature’s delicate balance by taking massive afforestation programs, which have won several prestigious awards from various agencies monitoring the environment.

      KMMI has taken several steps towards ECO – friendly mining.  Control of Noise.  Dust and Water Pollution, rehabitation of mined areas, these are the areas seriously taken care of by KMMI.  Environment awareness is created by educating employees and the local community.  The quest for a Green earth, dams and Gully Plugs have been built across the valley to arrest the sit and also resulting in recharge of ground water resources bringing positive effects.

     Developing a plant nursery was one of the most significant moves by Our Group for nurturing its afforestation program.  An environment officer continuously monitors the nursery development,  afforestation and plant protection.  The program has yielded results above expectations.

      Dumps have been stabilized by plantation of Agave and Bell flower plants, transforming the entire area into a green barrier.

      Environment Protective measures are effectively implemented and monitored continuously as per Government and statutory rules and guidelines.  KMMI is in the process of ISO 14001 Certification for these efforts.


KMMI is committed to:


       Kariganur iron ore mine is an ISO 14001:2004 certified mechanized mine bearing M.L. no. 1799, with an extent of 199.43 hectares. It is situated in the NEB range of Kariganur village, Hospet taluk, Bellary district, Karnataka.

     Hematite iron ore deposits of this mine are enclosed within the Precambrian sedimentary iron formation, commonly known as Banded Hematite Quartzite (BHQ) and Banded Hematite Jasper (BHJ).

     The general strike of the iron ore reef runs along north west-south east, whereas the dip of the ore body is 60-75 degrees south western. There are two ore bodies – eastern reef with a strike length of 370 m and an average width of 55m; and the middle reef extending from east to west, with a strike length of 700 m and an average width of 45 m. The eastern reef consists of hard and massive steel grey hematite, with specific gravity between 4.9 -5.2. It is best suited for the production of high density aggregates used for coating pipes underwater, especially in oil well drilling and counter weights. The tumbler index is as high as 92. This ore has also been found suitable in the construction of nuclear plants.

     The mine is totally mechanized with modern mining machinery. Entire strike length of the ore is opened up. The same ore body continues in all the three adjacent mines. The common boundary working permission has been obtained from the Director General of Mines Safety under regulation 111 of MMR 1961.

     The sequence of mining operations in the hard ore body zone involves drilling DTH holes and blasting with ANFO and slurry explosives, using millisecond delay detonators/raydet and detonating fuse. The bigger boulders generated during blasting are broken down to the required size by the rock breakers. Few boulders are separately, manually loaded to the tippers and then fed to the crushers and screening plants based on the buyers’ demand. Further high grade ore is blended with low grade and sub grade ores in appropriate quantities in order to conserve and respectively prepare to suit the demand of the buyer.

     Our management is concerned about the environmental imbalance created by mining activities and hence we have adopted various eco friendly practices and built engineered structures to conserve nature. Our management has prepared a mining plan for a conceptual period. During this period, the entire broken area of the mine is restored to its original aesthetic beauty.

2. Hothur Traders Mines

Malagolla iron ore mine of Hothur Traders, is a mechanized mine bearing M.L. no. 2107/2313, with an extent of 32.28 hectares. The mining lease area is situated 10 kms from Sandur, in the Kumaraswamy range of Sandur taluk, Bellary district, Karnataka. This mine is operated using modern mining machinery by open cast mining method. Our mining methods are environment friendly and ensure strict adherence to safe mining techniques. We also conserve minerals by blending high grade ores with low grade ores in appropriate quantities to cater to the customers’ demands.

3. Mehboob Transport Company

Our Company owns Vittalapura iron ore mine with mining lease no. 2568, for an extent of 16.19 hectares. The lease area is located at a distance of 25 kms from Bellary. It is situated in Bellary Reserve Forest (Copper mountain range) of Vittalapuram village, Sandur Taluk, Bellary District, Karnataka.

4. Trident Minerals

     Trident Minerals is located at a distance of 20 kms from Hospet, in the venkatgiri village of Bellary district, Karnataka for an extent of 32.27 hectares.

Iron ore occurring in this mine is in the form of reef and is operated by opencast mechanized method with the combination of hydraulic excavator and tippers.  The hard overburden is crushed to generate aggregates to be used for construction, and as road metal. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and hence have adopted eco friendly mining methods.

5. Trident Mining Company Pvt. Ltd.

  Our Company possesses a mining lease with M.L. no.1732, for an extent of 5.26 hectares. Located at a distance of about 20 kms from Hospet, lies the mine where the hard in situ rock is broken by drilling and blasting. The mine is worked by forming systematic benches by gradually advancing sideward lowering of benches, and worked across and along the strike directions of the reef.

     We maintain a green cover in all our mining areas and are habitual in practicing scientific and sustainable mining.

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