Wahab Group is into manufacturing of Sponge Iron under the Aegis of EMBITEE IRON & STEEL PVT LTD., with a installed capacity of 60,000 Tonnes per annum presently. Setting up of sponge Iron industry is the first step to diversification of traditional mining business into Industrial Business Empire.

India will rule in Sponge Iron for the next decade
The Indian sponge Iron industry is set to retain its number one slot at the international level with the domestic average growth rate clocking 21 per cent as against the average global growth rate of 10 per cent. Even smaller sponge Iron producers have enough demand and decent margins to survive. Analysts assert that sponge iron is the future for supply of metallics to steel sector for its projected growth

How long it can retain this Position?
India is the largest producer of SPONGE IRON in the world with 18 per cent of world production. It has been the largest producer for the last three years and our production is one million tonne higher than any other country. There are four major producers in the world (India, Venezuela, Mexico and Iran) accounting for 60 per cent of the global production. The way in which we are growing no other country is growing, so in the next seven to eight years we will remain as the largest producer.

What is the current rate of growth?
The domestic average growth rate has been 21 per cent in the last three years while the global growth rate stands at 10 per cent. And the major growth is in the coal-based sector as gas is in short supply.

Management Team


     Our vibrant marketing team plays a vital role in promoting our business and realizing our mission with their dynamic marketing ideas that translate into saleable concepts. Instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business, our marketing team is the operational soul of our organization. Despite having diverse roles, they strictly conform to timely execution of all our plans. Having sound knowledge of our customer- base, they build up accurate strategies and viable programs to further increase customer satisfaction, while delivering prolific creative ideas.


Our purchase and sales department is an energetic team of experienced professionals. Apart from comparing details of our trade with the firm identified on the other side of the agreement, they also process and mail confirmations to the customers. Led by committed managers, the purchase and sales department ensures that the best service and value are provided in order to meet the client’s demands. Our team has the ability to assist and share their expertise and advice potential clients on all relevant issues related to purchase and sales.


The human resource and administration strives to give our clients an unparalleled experience. Bearing the requisite tact and diplomacy, our HR administrators are first point of contact for all HR related matters. They ensure that our database is up to date, accurate and complies with relevant legislation.

Our team is accurate and precise in administering all the HR related documentation such as offer letters, contracts of employment and the like.

Our HR administrator is responsible for supporting our entire framework of business within the sphere of human resources, including recruitment and employee relations.


Our in-house legal counsel ensures that no discrepancy is allowed to creep into our business transactions. To prevent vulnerability to fraud, mismanagement or other penalties that result from non compliance to government laws, our legal team is forever in the know-how.

Other responsibility of our legal counsel includes researching the state and local laws pertaining to a particular business. They develop legal processes that enforce corporate governance.

In addition, our legal counsels submit copyright applications for products, trademarks and services, mediate labor disputes, oversee tax payments, and work closely with other lawyers, legislative bodies and government officials pertaining to our legal rights.

Another vital responsibility of our legal team lies in overseeing our audits, other than ensuring compliance with the objectives of our business.


The above team of motivated professionals are committed and dedicated to the standard quality pre requisites, to assure customers’ complete satisfaction.

Our strong management team awaits new challenges and meets the same with guidance and advice from the Managing Director. Thus, our Group envisages surpassing the targeted achievement in the future.


     Team work is our motto. Hence, what follows is a work-culture of cohesiveness, bringing forth the best out of each one of our team members.

A shining example of esprit de corps, all our individual business units work towards upholding the common goal of Wahab Group, in a spirit that is commendable.

We as a team have strong conviction in our beliefs and are devoted to our work. Cutting-edge execution of all our work deems us the recognition we earnestly enjoy.

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