Having Captive mines for supply of iron ore and supply of Imported Coal from South Africa where Fixed Carbon is not less than 55% continuously to the sponge iron plant has carved a niche for itself in the market and today EMBITEE IRON & STEEL PVT LTD.has a brand recognition for its product in the stiff-Competitive market. .

Normally sponge iron industry supplies 75% Metallic sponge iron to the Furnace people. We at EMBITEE IRON & STEEL PVT LTD., supply sponge iron ranging from a Minimum of 75 % Fe Metalic to 80% metallic depending upon the requirement of the Buyer.

Quality Of Iron Ore Used : Fe > 63.5%
Tumbler > 80%
Size > 5 – 18 mm

Supplies From their own 4 Captive Mines

Quality Of Coal used : FC > 55%
Sulpher < .06 %

100% of the Supplies are Received from South Africa3

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